[Events] Item Mall =)

Grandiose Set (Lance) - 35$

Kylin (30 Pr, Stronger than NPC one) - 25$

Uns 85 Champ swords x2 - 15$

1,000 DeathMatch Coin - 20$

PureJuice Honor Medal (+20 stats) - 15$

God shield (47 def 9 pr) can be gemmed - 25$

Pet lv 120 - 30$

Pet lv 150 (NO CON) 60$

Pet lv 200 (NO CON) 80$

Pm me in-game before malling.

name in-game - FrostBitten

Thank you! (Half price from 10-July until 13-July)

[News] Double Class

For the Seal master's and Cleric's out there that have doubled their class. Energy Shield has been bannable.
Thank you

[Events] What is Avacado

Avacado is returning once more again.

We are now on 2.4 platform running with 1.36 resource.

Meaning ? we get best of both world, the highest security with enjoyable content.

Head over to our downloads page and get started downloading.

We are commitment to no tolerance of wiping policy, and our measurements against this is by roll back only.

See you in game !