[News] Item Mall

Grandiose Set (Lance) - 25$

Kylin (30 Pr) - 15$

Uns 85 Champ swords x2 - 15$

1,000 DeathMatch Coin - 10$

GSA Necklace +27 (You pick gems) - 25$

God shield - 10$

1-9 Any Greater gem - 15$

1-9 Any Great gem - 10$

500 Gyoza - 15$

All manu's - 25$ (2 stacks of each, Cb/fb/bless/earthquake/ts)

Pet lv 120 - 15$

Pet lv 150 30$

Pet lv 175 40$

Pet lv 200 45$

Combining two pets together will require VIP at level 2. Therefore meaning that the player has to be VIP for 2 months, or has to donate to increase their VIP level.

Pm me in-game before malling - FrostBitten
If not online, dont hesitate to send an email to [email protected] after donating, to that email, on paypal only. (Do not use the donating way on the website)
Email must have game name/ username/ and the money you've sent. I will reply within 12 hours.

Spend over 50$ and earn VIP for one month.
VIP = Free Manu at all times, Gyoza included
Half price of all the above 5-08 until the 9-08

[Events] Banned classes

SM/Cler as a double class
SM/Voy as a double class
SS/Voy as a double class

all of these classes are banned. Thank-You

[Events] What is Avacado

Avacado is returning once more again.

We are now on 2.4 platform running with 1.36 resource.

Meaning ? we get best of both world, the highest security with enjoyable content.

Head over to our downloads page and get started downloading.

We are commitment to no tolerance of wiping policy, and our measurements against this is by roll back only.

See you in game !